It’s a married world!

How easy is it to be a Christian, lady, single, 30+, a professional, and “fairly successful?” In my context, it’s almost a taboo. 🙂

This blog is a raw narrative of my struggles and stumbles on the road to “I do” and how I find encouragement and strength for each day or situation. It covers topics such as stigma, fear, social pressure, heartbreaks, loneliness, ageing, shame, self-blame, depression, hormonal demands, etc. The perspectives shared on this page are bible based.

I do not believe everyone is called to a lifetime of celibacy, certainly NOT I, and I have so much respect for those who are.

This blog is for anyone who desires to be married, for those who may be feeling a little behind the “marriage schedule,” and for anyone who can relate to my experiences.  I pray you find encouragement and something to laugh about, but also a reason to rest in God and enjoy the journey.

I hope to post bimonthly or as often as possible. Please feel free to  share, comment or subscribe.

God bless you.

The Christian Bachelorette