God goes by many names and each one is powerful …

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About five years ago, I was scheduled to brief a team of conference speakers at an international event. I stood at the entrance to the meeting room, welcoming and shaking hands with each Speaker as they arrived (Oh! The good old B.C. (Before Corona) days!!!). When I shook hands with one particular Speaker, he said “Alleluya.” Intrigued, I responded with a typical “Amen!” He seemed puzzled by my response, but I just reeled with joy. In my mind, I proceeded to open a scroll📜 which read: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to lead praise with a simple handshake.” 😎 Soon enough we all settled down for a round of introduction to kickstart the briefing. At his turn, he introduced himself as “Mr. Alleluya T.” from East Africa. I felt every inch of my “anointing” instantly dissipate. Turns out “Alleluya” was his name?! 😲 Yup! I am not “that anointed” after all. He was the more anointed. Mr. Alleluia’s birth had been so momentous that his parents had to ensure that many would praise the Lord (consciously or not) by the very mention of his name. I was deeply humbled.  

Lately, I’ve been reviewing naming patterns in the Bible. I was reminded that most of the names by which we call God were ascribed by people based on their unique encounters or experience with Him. I was struck by the fact that the first person in the Bible to name God was a woman, a slave, a foreigner, a concubine, a single mother… – Hagar. When she encountered God in her moment of desperation, Hagar called God: El Roi (The God who sees me). It was a personal and very intimate name. Little did Hagar know, that countless generations later, people like myself will be borrowing the name she gave God. 😊 Yes, I still whisper El Roi to remind myself that God sees and will come through for me.

Like Hagar, my daily walk with God has inspired me to give Him a few names of my own. 😊 Among other personal names, this is how I call God and why:

  1. The God to whom I cry: I don’t easily come across as a crier but Lord knows I CRY A LOT – to Him. Hence the name? 🤷‍♀️ I learned pretty early that crying before men is largely pointless. 
  2. The God who connects the dots of my life: Many times, I struggle to make sense of circumstances, but in hindsight I often attest: “Yes, God was up to something and I didn’t know it” 
  3. The God who ignores my ignorance: Okay, let’s just say: I’m so thankful that God doesn’t take advice from me, and that He doesn’t grant all my requests. 
  4. The God on whom I rely: When the odds are against you (as they often are), you better have someone able and infallible on whom you count. That’s my story. And, one way or the other, God always shows up.
  5. The God who preserves me: Well, well, how on earth am I even still here
  6. My assurance of the unknown: God knows exactly what the future holds. 
  7. My overriding Manager: He overrules in the affairs of my life, rewrites my story and resets me. 
  8. My survival plan: I know not how to make it from day to day except for God.
  9. The God who stays: (when everyone else leaves – as they sometimes should)  
  10. My Ally : Day after day, He partners with me/ stands for me.
    ***The Perfect Matchmaker? LOL, maybe someday I will call Him that… 😊

Over to you: What are some of the personal names by which you call God and which of the above names do you relate to the most? 

God goes by many names and each one is powerful. Keep on calling. He will answer.

Jeremiah 33:3 “‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’”

Happy New Year 2021
Stay tuned for the next post

2 thoughts on ““This is How I call God”

  1. Like you, my favorite Biblical name for God is “El Roi.” Not only is its meaning comforting and beautiful, but equally poignant is the fact the only woman to have given God a name which he acknowledged in His word was an African. He meant for us to know that today, and that is very comforting to me. 🙂

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