*Reader discretion is advised*

Starring at bloodstained sheets. Absolutely horrified. A thick sense of Ichabod filled the room. Complete bewilderment. What just happened!? Why is he lying on my bed, naked? And, my sheets, why are they stained? My eyes narrow, searching for answers. We share glances. He’s disgusted and spiteful. Is he asking himself the same questions? What really happened? Did we just have …  

<p style="line-height:0.2" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="Na"><strong><em>Flashback to earlier that day…</em></strong>Flashback to earlier that day…

I’d been hanging out with this guy from my Church. He’d thought I’d like Priscilla Shirer’s newly released book –Fervent-, and had grabbed a copy as my birthday present. I’d been thrilled by his thoughtfulness and demonstrated commitment to my spiritual growth. I’d invited him in and … 

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-(Memory black out…) Lord, what happened? I dug deep into my brain as anxiety swirled, clouding my memory, or was it, denial? I felt utterly breathless-

More flashbacks, but faint episodic details

I remember us eating, not sure what; going to my room, not sure why. We conversed – harmless, it seemed. We talked about my new year goals and practical ways to realise them. The more we spoke, the more angelic he looked. He asked about my most painful experience in life, held my hands and listened undistractedly as I narrated. He hugged me empathetically when I finished my storytelling and said “God has a plan.” 

-(Shivers!) What happened after that? Oh God, oh no!!! What happened? – 

More flashbacks

This time, I just remembered kisses, intense fondling, hands beneath my silk dress… I also recall telling myself to stop! But I felt increasingly allured… Rushes of danger, adrenalin, enticement…

Dear Reader, I yielded. I gave up the cookie and, he crushed it. 


Moment of Clarity/Back to present

 Staring at the bloodstained sheets. A thick sense of Ichabod fills the room. Complete bewilderment. And now, I know why. I just broke the sixth commandment and with it, my hymen. I turn to him for reason but he looks revolted by me. Howbeit? We’d just made love and became instant enemies. 

I plunge into a weeping trance of disbelief. “This is not possible. We are both born again, spirit filled! Oh no! My parents, siblings, friends, the Pastor, Worship Team … what will happen when they all hear about this?” 

Suddenly … the doorbell rings. My heart leaped out of my chest as I cartwheeled off the bed, bumping my head on the floor.

Alas! It was my alarm clock, waking me up for my usual morning quiet time with the Lord. My sheets were immaculate! No one was in the room with me. Pheew! It was a dream! Goodness gracious, it was all but a dream!!!   

-Huge sigh of relief!-

Wait, so I just had sex in my dream!?! What does that mean? Why did I have such a dream? What should I do about it?

*To be continued* 😊
This is one in a four-part series on “Sexual Dreams.” The series would examine various scientific and biblical perspectives on the subject.  Stay tuned for part 2. Meanwhile, I’d like to know: what about you? Have you ever had sex in your dream? How did you interpret it? What did you do?

God bless you
The Christian Bachelorette

5 thoughts on “Caught in the Act of Fornication…? (Part 1)

  1. A very relatable and artfully narrated account of the everyday travails that confront single women dedicated to Christ as they navigate the sometimes tempting prospects of lurking canal emotions. Congratulations on your excellent management of suspense. You take your audience to edge of the cliff and bring them back to stable ground unhurt. Well-done!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh phew, only a dream! It felt both real and like it was fiction leading up to a point, I guess a dream counts as both.
    I’ve had dreams like this, but very vague and short, with the sense it was in the future. Either with vague future husband or some vague random guy who’s transparent, I never see faces. It’s more like the dream tells me what’s happening rather than showing it. More often I might have a dream with kissing, and that usually has details, like maybe a face is visible, but still pretty blurry. And usually I wake up right then.

    It’s pretty weird, and I really don’t know what to do about it. I’m just glad that usually it’s in the context of “in the future when I’m married…” and very intangible.

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  3. Artfully narrated and very captivating! Just a dream, but reality to countless teenagers and Christian youths… Thanks for this very instructive piece.


  4. Awesome… I sometimes have dreams like this… Sometimes I get naked with a girl who shift faces between people I know but hardly is there sexual intercours involved… Most often the dream ends before any act of intercours…

    Liked by 1 person

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