As for me and myself, I will fear the Lord...

Once upon a time, there were two highly skilled midwives who loved their jobs passionately. It gave them a unique privilege to witness one of the most joyful moments in the lives of their clients – the wonderous miracle of child birth.  Day after day, they faithfully discharged their life-giving duties, helping clients welcome baby-bundles of joy.  They rejoiced to see families expand. Yet, their joy was constantly bullied by a haunting reality – they did not have a family of their own… 😒

“When, oh when, will I lie on the delivery bed?”  They silently wondered  at the first cry of every new born. They secretly admired husbands who accompanied their wives for delivery. “What a loving and supportive husband!” They thought to themselves – not knowing that every husband was a saint in the delivery room, a prayer warrior too. 😊

One day, a LADY showed up in labour. She belonged to a fast-growing enslaved minority group. She and her people were victims of discrimination and forced labour. The King had just passed a genocidal law ordering the drowning of their male newborns. By this law, every midwife, whose sole duty was to usher delicate lives into this world, was obligated to kill on arrival.     

The two midwives looked at the LADY with deep compassion as she walked in. They reviewed her antenatal records. This was her third pregnancy. The LADY was also above the average childbearing age. Somehow, this inspired hope for the Midwives- “Maybe I’ll also start a family of my own someday,”  they each thought while taking the LADY’s blood pressure and listening for the baby’s heartbeat. “Please Lord, let it be a girl,” the LADY whispered desperately (she’d been too scared to do an ecography to determine baby’s sex). She had an extraordinary pain enduring capacity and needed no pain management as she entered the second stage of labour. The midwives were still finalizing the delivery protocols when the baby glided out like a two-year-old on a water slide. Alas! She didn’t need the midwives after all. Time froze as the LADY held her breath, waiting for her baby’s sex to be revealed. “It’s…it’s… a beautiful baby boy,” the midwives announced. You could hear the LADY’s heart drop. She fixed a petrified gaze at the midwives, wondering what they’d do. At that instant, the midwives held the power of life and death.  

The baby’s first cry pierced their hearts like an Excalibur sword. It was almost like he was pleading for his dear life. The midwives quivered as they cut the umbilical cord, wondering what to do with him.  A thousand voices blasted their minds: “Don’t even think of anything stupid! Remember the King’s orders. Your life’s at stake. Your job’s at stake. All your colleagues are complying, why do you want to be the exception? You want to live to see your dreams of having a family come true? Follow the King’s orders  – just have him drowned, have him drowned…have him drowned.”

“Ouaaaahhhh!” The baby cried again, interrupting their thought processes. Suddenly, a unique fear gripped them.  It was stronger than the fear of a mortal king. Confronted with moral and legal demands, they opted for civil disobedience. Quickly, they swaddled the baby and handed him to the LADY.  “Go now,” they said, “we won’t tell on you.”

Half bleeding, the LADY climbed down the delivery bed and narrowly escaped. However, a suspecting nurse caught wind and called security on the midwives. They were arrested for treason and summoned before the highest tribunal – the King’s Court.  The King incarnated wickedness and was mighty dreadful. Shivers ran down spines as he made his grand entry in to the Court. Everyone rose and stood like a monument until he took his seat on the bench. The Clerk announced the case and called the two midwives into the dock. 

“I solemnly swear that I will speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” the midwives each swore. They were so terrified that they almost forgot their names when asked. “Puah/ Shiphrah!” They blurted at the same time. The Attorney General paced around intimidatingly, strictly interrogating the midwives:  “What part of the King’s plain and simple order was unclear to you? Explain to this High Court, why you chose to blatantly disregard the order.” He quizzed, looking for the faintest lapse in their responses.

The midwives answered: “The Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women; they give birth easily, and their babies are born before either of us helps them.”  The jury was convinced and acquitted the midwives but OMG, what a close, call! It took courageous faith to toe the line! Their bravery reminds me of  those who rescued the Jews during the Nazi holocaust.

Now, here comes my favorite part the story: Exodus 1:21 “And because the midwives feared God, He gave them FAMILIES OF THEIR OWN.” 

In my last post, I wrote about my fight songs. If there’s such a thing as a fight verse, Exodus 1:21 is one of mine. 

Moral of the story – for singles: It may seem like you’re helping everyone else walk down the aisle, except yourself. Do so faithfully. If the events around you only seem to remind you of what you lack, find pleasure in what you have. If everyone else decides to take matters into their hands because the wait is too long, chose to honour God, including with your body. And when tides of celibacy-related fears come hitting, chose to fear God more – that’s my fervent resolve. As for me and myself, I will fear the Lord. #SoHelpMeGod

Rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15); 
Be joyful in hope, patient in endurance, constant in prayers (Romans 12:12). 
Fear God, and,  as surely as He lives, He will give you a family of your own. (Exodus 1:21)

God bless you,

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