If you’ve ever dreamt about getting married, you probably have picked a wedding song too…😊 and if you’re married, most assuredly, you remember your wedding song.

January 20, 2009. A memory of over ten years, yet still alive and fresh. I’m pretty sure I saw the moon, the sun and the stars standing still, or bowing? People from across the globe and time zones stayed tuned to watch one of the most historic moments in America’s history – the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America, America’s first black President – Barack Hussein Obama!

inaugwire19f-2-webThe first couple took the stage for their first dance as Miss Beyoncé sang a 1960 classic of the legendary Etta James – “AT LAST.” Her rendition was pure, every note a  cadenza. The President and his elegant wife, Michelle Obama, swerved gracefully to the beat. Love sparkles oozed each time they locked eyes, just like in the cartoons. I was immediately inspired!
“This could make a perfect wedding song; this could be my wedding song. Alas, “AT LAST” will be my wedding song!” 😊

Errr, turns out that was neither the first nor last song I’ve saved for my wedding 😊 “At last” had just replaced “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley and “From this moment” (Shania Twain); it would soon be offset by “God Gave me you” (Blake Shelton).

Perhaps you’re thinking: “Okay girl, really? Those are not ‘gospel’ songs.” Well, I’m prettyWED sure that many the brides who’ve  walked down the aisle to Ron Kenoly’s “You are the love of my life” were hardly referring to Jesus at that point. (JUST SAYING). Notwithstanding, my gospel song list isn’t short – mostly Cece Winans’ songs, “When God made you” (Nathalie Grant), #1 Fan (Canton Jones) and several others 😊

I probably have a subconscious wedding repertoire by now lol. It’s constantly changing though – each time a new hit wedding song is released or overused. #TheThingsSinglesDo At one wedding, the girl next to me lamented as the bride made her big entry: “aww, that’s supposed to be my wedding song!” I smiled at her and said “I know right? All the good wedding songs are ‘taken.’ We better plan to write ours.” #Original 😊 

What’s the deal with wedding songs though? Let’s just say, I find it intriguing how something so simple can spark or rekindle hope. For the unmarried, a potential wedding song can be a momentary reminder of the hoped for;
for the married, a potent souvenir of a blissful moment.

So, if you have an earmarked wedding song/ repertoire, please hold unto it. SPOILER ALERT – you may not get to use all or any but who cares? Right now, what matters is that, occasionally, it fans the flames of a God-given desire which is often so easily buried under the weight of what life throws at us: a broken heart, regret, betrayal, “delay” etc.

Bottom line is, a potential wedding song is one of several “hope reminders.” Ultimately, our Hope is in Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Quick question: has a song ever inspired you to rehearse your wedding? Please share. I wouldn’t use your song, I promise 😊 

God bless,
The Christian Bachelorette
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11 thoughts on “My Wedding Song…

  1. For now I don’t have a wedding song in mind I used to have it when I was in my previous relationship ( I thought we will get married together so I was quite saving all my favourites on a list). I do share the idea that choosing songs is a way of reminding us what we aspire to. And for me I deeply believe that it is an act of faith like God I know you make a way so I already have the guest’s list( who knows 🙂 ) Instead of songs I am projecting myself quite often on how it may look when i will get married like I am eating with my sister and suddenly tell her: 《soon I will be eating this plate in my own house with my husband and I will call you to remind you of when I was predicting it》 So funny and crazy but it helps. Thanks for your sharing

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    1. You’re welcome dear Marie and thank you for your comment. You’re quite a step ahead in faith! Let me know when your prophecy is fulfilled too 😊 very soon you will be eating in your own house 👌 – another “hope reminder”


  2. Surprisingly I was a little consistent with my choice of a wedding song.From the moment I heard “Promise” by CeCe Winans,I knew I had found it.Turns out, that is what I had played on that long awaited day.

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  3. I love hope reminders like that! I have a few song ideas for my wedding, but one is Fighting For by Hawk Nelson. Okay, I just realized I have several ideas for wedding songs, but some of them aren’t wedding related, but songs about things that really matter to me.

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    1. Just listened to “fighting for” and was like – how come i am only hearing this song for the first time? It’s really beautiful and the lyrics are profound 👍🏽: “we decided to take a chance, took a breath and promised it, headed where we’ve never been before.” Thank you so much for sharing.

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  4. Since I watched “Joyful Noise” in 2014, I have had a consistent wedding song. That’s “He’s Everything” led by the choir in d movie. It has stood out for.me and still stands out. Hope it won’t be too long till i use it☺️☺️☺️

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